Celebration of life service

Regardless of the types of services you choose to include in your or your loved one’s final arrangements, you can personalize them in almost any way imaginable. We call this approach Life Well Celebrated. We’ve put together a few questions to help you get started with celebration of life ideas.


Where would you like the celebration to be held?

This could be a home, a place of worship or a special location like a beach or park.


Are there certain songs you want played or performed?

Music speaks to the heart. Maybe there is a song you feel is your mantra—or there could be songs or hymns you would like attendees to sing together.


Who would you like to speak at your celebration?

From a trained celebrant conducting the service to a family member or friend sharing a memory, a reading, or giving a toast, there are several opportunities to involve special people in your celebration.


Should the décor or theme reflect a particular hobby or interest of yours, such as fishing, gardening or music?

From a backyard barbecue to a disco party, we can make your celebration of life anything you can dream up.


We would be honored to help you design a fitting tribute, no matter how simple or elaborate you choose it to be.